Treblinka Death Camp

A private tour to The German Nazi Penal Labour and Extermination Camp in Treblinka, where during II World War more than 800 000 Polish Jews were murdered. During this 6 hour tour you will visit the site of the former camps and hear the story of survivals.

Treblinka, more specific Treblinka II, is the second biggest death camp, after Birkenau, where German and Austrian Nazis murdered more than 800 000 Polish Jews with dozens of thousands more Poles in forced labour camp nearby. In the camp, located 1,5 hour drive from Warsaw, we can’t see barracks nor crematories. It’s not here now and wasn’t before. Jews from Warsaw Ghetto were brought there in unhuman condition by trains and were herded from railway ramp straight to gas chambers. 40 minutes later victims’ bodies were buried in giant mass graves. Everything in just one and a half year.

Death camp in Treblinka is different than any other similar places. A thick forest surrounding the area creates almost mystical atmosphere. The beauty of the nature along with an awareness of a big tragedy that happened here to so many innocent people evokes deep emotions. The most captivating is silence. Silence and peace. Only murmuring trees seem to whisper something to each other in almost forgotten Yiddish language. A walk between seventeen thousand boulders spread around execution zone helps to realize something startling – human cruelty in our history has no limits.

In a modest museum building there is an exhibition with big model of Treblinka I and II camps, daily use products found around the camp site and short film with testimony of few survivals. There is not many material evidences of the extermination. Camps were burned by Germans during The War and was never reconstructed. Walking through forest you may come across mossy foundations of former buildings. In Treblinka this relics seem to be more authentic that way. Symbolic railway ramp, path to execution site, deep holes of former gravel quarry – it all makes the experience unforgettable. Treblinka II has become one of the most important memorial reminding that what happened here not even 80 year ago cannot happen again. Never again.