Lublin & Majdanek Concentration Camp

Let us take you to a private tour to Majdanek – one of the best preserved Nazi German Concentration Camp from II World War in Poland.

Learn more about tragic history of Jews and the Holocaust. Next discover located nearby Lublin – city with beautiful and rich history, where Western and Eastern Worlds meet. “Little Cracow”, “Vienna of the North”, “little Jerusalem”, find out yourself which nick name suits the best this pearl of the east Poland.

Majdanek Nazi German Concentration and Extermination Camp is located just outside of the city. In Nazi plans it was supposed to be bigger than infamous Auschwitz and become slave labour source for creating new empire on the east. Exceedingly strict conditions of prisoners’ life are symbolized right at the camp entrance by impressive monument  in a place of the former front gate. A walk among remains of camp barracks with exhibitions inside, well preserved crematory building or gas chamber and gigantic Mausoleum with ashes of Majdanek victims – all of this fills visitors with sorrow and reflection.

During its golden ages Lublin was a very wealthy city, full with aristocracy impressive palaces, amazing sacral architecture and tenement houses. It was called “Vienna of the North”. Stroll through narrow, cobbled streets of Old Town, picturesquely located on the hill allow to almost breath in the history. Majestic buildings from many different ages spread around the area create an unique atmosphere. Without a doubt Lublin in the most beautiful city in east part of Poland and very much worth visiting.