Kraków & Schindler's Factory

A full day trip to Krakow, by many considered the most beautiful city in Poland, to Kazimierz, one of the Krakow’s districts, that used to be Jewish quarter and to the former factory of a man who saved over 1.000 Jews, Oscar Schindler.

Without any doubts, Krakow is the most important attraction on the tourist map of our country. Every year it is visited by several million tourists from around the world. Krakow, that survived from the World War II, today fascinates many with its numerous monuments and unique atmosphere. Until the beginning of 16th century Krakow was the main residence of the Polish kings. Here the most important decisions were made and all the roads were leading here.

Before the outbreak of the World War II, Poland was inhabited by one of the largest Jewish diasporas in Europe, with a total of about 3.5 million of Jews. They came to Krakow in the 11th century and when the World War II broke out they constituted over 25% of the city's population. Few managed to survive the Nazi extermination, but their religious and cultural achievements can still be admired in Kazimierz, one of the Krakow’s districts, where the Jewish quarter was located. Today's Kazimierz is a full of life district with many charming cafes, art studios and cultural events. At every step we come across remains of Jews. Today, Kazimierz is a place where, as in the past, cultures from all over the world are mixing and Polish language is only one of many that can be heard in the streets.

We will start visiting Krakow from the historic Old Town. We will see the delightful main square, Floriańska Street, and slowly go to the Wawel Hill to see the medieval castle towering over Krakow and the city panorama. From there, we will go to Kazimierz to see the Jewish heritage in Krakow. There we will have lunch in one of the many cozy cafes. Finally, we will visit the museum located in the former factory of Oskar Schindler, who during the war saved over 1,000 people from being sent to extermination camps. After about 6-7 hours spent in Krakow, we will set off on the way back to Warsaw, which we will reach late in the evening. You will spend the whole trip assisted by a professional guide who will tell you more about Krakow and will be happy to answer all of your questions.