Fryderyk Chopin's Birthplace

Who really was Frederic Chopin? An ingenious pianist and artist? One of the most talented Polish composers of romanticism era? Or a humble piano student, that dreamed of fame and recognition? With our knowledgeable guide you’ll get to know much more about him!

Join us on a fascinating journey to the roots of one of the greatest composer in the world and probably the most famous Pole in history.  We will take you to Żelazowa Wola – a birthplace of Fryderyk Chopin, just 1 hour drive from Warsaw. The main attraction is renovated manor house from XVIII century, where Chopin was born in 1810. Today, it houses a biographical museum of a Musician. Building is surrounded by a modernist park filled with rare species of plants, many ponds and two glass pavilions (one of them is a concert hall), upon the river Utrata.

Brochów is a village near Żelazowa Wola and another stop on our tour. Its Church of St John the Baptist is Chopin’s baptism place. Situated on the banks of the Bzura river is an exceptional sacral architecture treasure.