„Crafty Warsaw Man" - Praga District Tour

How to trick a trickster? Take a peek around the other side of the town… More adventurous than risky, Praga has survived the war turmoil and is now an asylum of Warsaw’s bohemian culture, blooming with large cultural and housing investments.

Our driver-guide will take you on a tour of your lives, showing you forgotten and revitalized places of crafty Warsaw district – Praga. As the only district that survived the II World War mainly intact, it’s a home for many funny, and scary stories as well. For starters, we’ll begin with Ząbkowska street & a visit to the old school Różycki’s market – stick to your guide! 

Then, we’ll show you the postindustrial complex of former vodka factory Koneser and vigorous Soho Factory area, along with the Neon Museum.

*Our tours have a goal to be something special. They combine intelligible history class with unknown anecdotes related with Warsaw.