Łowicz Ethnographic Park in Maurzyce

Leave the bustle of the big city and take a trip to Mazovian countryside just 90 km from Warsaw. Travel back in time and see how people in 19th century lived like. Feel the contrast between aristocracy and rural population.

This tour is focused on people of 19th century. Where they lived? What daily life problems they needed to fight with? What were their hobbies? How their live looked like? Learn all about this interesting facts surrounded by beautiful nature of Mazovian countryside.

What you are going to visit:

Łowicz Ethnographic Park in Maurzyce - Open air museum featuring the characteristics of Łowicz village of 19th century. Discover beauty of wooden architecture of over 30 traditional buildings and houses with authentic furnished interiors and decorations. Nearby there is the first world’s welded road bridge.

Romantic Park in Arkadia - One of the most beautiful English style garden in Poland from 18th century, initiated by Helena Radziwiłł, wife of Michał Hieronim. Big collection of antiques and ancient style buildings makes the place magical and very picturesque.

Radziwiłł Palace and Garden in Nieborów - Beautiful Palace complex with unique baroque garden built in 18th century owned by Duke Janusz Radziwiłł. Nowadays it’s a part of Warsaw’s National Museum with its furnishings and collections of sculptures (with the famous head of Niobe), paintings, porcelain and books.