Holiday in Bulgaria

Let us take you on a fascinating journey back in time. We will show you how life behind the Iron Curtain looked like. Experience a regular day in a communist country and everyday struggles of common people. Experience history and see it with your own eyes.

An urban game "Holiday in Bulgaria" is an unforgettable adventure whose participants not only have a lot of fun, but also get a chance to experience a real integration.

Imagine you are in communist Poland. Nothing is easy here, solving everyday tasks requires some cleverness, you have to know some life tricks and know the right people. You have just won a coupon for a typical family car, the Fiat 126p, in a state lottery. Your socialist dream will finally come true! You will go on a real holiday with your family: Bulgaria’s Golden Sands are now within your arm’s reach! But before you finally chill on a beach, you need to complete a series of challenging tasks. Among others you will:

  • Take up a fight against communist officials whose major interest is to maintain a bureaucratic system
  • Take part in an illegal alcohol sale
  • Pack your holiday luggage into a small 126p Fiat “Toddler” and participate in a fascinating race with your friends
  • In the end of the event we provide you with some Polish vodka shots so that you can fully enjoy Polish culture.